Vincent Laforet Raises the Bar

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Vincent Laforet has teamed with Canon to show us just how incredible a DSLR that shoots video can be. Reverie, Laforet’s short film was captured with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and it pretty much rocks. I posted here recently about the Nikon DSLR that shoots motion and now Canon has jumped in the game with some stunning results. Much of the credit should go to Laforet for some excellent DOP work. You can see the video here and get the scoop on the process at Vincen’t blog here.

On a similar note, Rob Haggart at A Photo Editor has a few things to say about motion capture from a still photographer. It’s an interesting perspective at a time when many still shooters are scrambling to capture motion as well. Haggart’s defense is that a headline and still photo will always grab our attention first. A well chosen photo can say so much where video needs time to communicate.

I don’t feel that motion will replace the still image but I am certain they will coexist more often in the future.

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  1. Jeff Whitley
    October 5, 2008

    We were really excited about the project and what Vincent had actually accomplished. Impressed so much so that we were able to coordinate a podcast interview with Vincent and also get a Q&A session to boot.

    Very interesting!!

    We really enjoyed the whole process, was fun hope you enjoy!


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